Thursday, March 26, 2009

His hands and feet didn't make him who he was...

So, I was watching the Miami Heat vs. Detroit Pistons game with my husband last Sunday and during the commercials they always show the NBA Cares segment which shows a basketball player make the day (and fulfill dreams) of children who are sick or poor.

This one segment really stole my heart because it's of Dwayne Wade (yes, I am a big fan of his) and he meets a little boy who was healthy and then suddenly got a fever and the infection shut down his body... and to make a long story short, he ended up loosing his hands and feet. :(

Mikey's spirit and outlook in life makes me stop and think about many things we sometimes take for granted in this life of ours. His hands and feet didn't make him who he was his heart.

Watch for yourself and leave your comments and thoughts.

Be blessed.



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  1. That kid could inspire many people...gaining much more than what he lost! POWERFUL!