Sunday, March 29, 2009

What would YOU do? Seriously... PART I

Have any of you watched the show What Would YOU Do? (comes on ABC primetime every Tuesday at 10:00 PM) It is a provacative hidden camera social experiment project that has various situations to see how the public (you and me) will react. They've had different experiments that range from helping a homeless man being beat up by teenagers in the street, a small child being lured away by a stranger in front of your eyes, a waiter/waitress being flirty with your date, racial slurs, etc. etc. It is amazing how the public reacts and how some people do not do anything at all.

This one video I am going to share with you today is entitled, "Shopping While Black." That is when you are being profiled stereotypically because of color and appearance. I think it is also something a lot of other minorities experience as well when shopping at higher end stores or even at times, the regular stores. Watch this video and comment what you would do (if anything at all). It is powerful and you will see different reactions, both good and bad.

Phew...that was some deep stuff, huh? What would Jesus do?? Let me know your thoughts!




  1. It is amazing that this still really happens in our generation, although we are well aware that racism is bad sometimes we do nothing about it to prevent it (when we can).

  2. this was my favorite show! now they never show it! stupid dancing with the stars!