Friday, February 19, 2010

Self-guided Detours.

Since 1996, the Washington, DC area had not seen so much snow like we saw this month! There were 2 blizzards back to back dumping about 2 feet+ of white stuff and the Federal Government was shut for 4 days straight (something unheard of). The city was crippled.

After one week of "R&R," we had to go back to work...The local municipalities did the best they could with the plowing...but now my usual 45 minute drive to work in DC had turn into an 1.5 hour headache! Why? Because there were vanished lanes on the road and huge snow banks left in some streets (including main routes to get into the city).

Earlier this week, I set out extra early because I knew what I awaited me (1.5 hour drive), but as the stubborn human I am tried to take an "easy route" thinking I knew what I was doing...when I made the turn and drove about 100 feet, it was deadlocked- traffic was stopped completely. I then thought "hmm, let me try something else." Sure enough *another* detour...and at first it was smooth sailing, I passed 2 blocks and BAM, another standstill...My stubborn self thought..."okay, let me think of a better solution." I turned into an unknown residential street, made it a little further and thought, "oh snap, I got this!!!" THEN........Yep, you guessed it another stand still! Haha! At this point I was almost at the verge of tears and complete frustration and anger. I had made circles thinking that by taking my OWN detours, I would get there sooner. Little had I realized had I been more patient, if I waited through the first standstill, I would have still gotten to work at the same time and not have wasted so much gas (not to mention avoiding getting upset so early in the morning).

It later dawned on me that God was teaching me a couple of things: 1) I need more patience (lol) 2) I had not prayed that morning and I had "pushed" God aside thinking I knew what was best and made my own decisions without consulting with the "big man upstairs."

Many times in life we have those "self-guided detours." God has essentially paved the righteous way for you and me but sometimes we tend to think we know best (better than God) and we stray and eventually just end up making circles (and not go anywhere). Those "easy routes" we think are easy and fast end up being harder and more destructive than we think.

I pray we never stray from the right path for our foolish self-guided detours and if we have done so, that we come back soon to our senses.

Chunks of snow still lay on the ground here in DC, but as for me...I will stick to the original and best driving route from here on out. :)

Be Blessed my friends and Happy Sabbath.