Friday, April 16, 2010

Oh "rubber necking..."

Ohhh...the infamous "rubber necking..."All of us drivers know a little something about that, right? In the DC metro area we experience almost every week at some point. Almost all of us have wasted time being nosy and stopping and staring at something that's not even our business...

This week I was driving on 16th Street trying to get to work and the traffic was horrific! Driving down that strip usually takes me 10-15 minutes, but it took me a whopping 45 minutes-- to think I had the chance to finish ALL my know it was literally bumper-to-bumper. As we got closer to the "action" I noticed that everything everyone (including myself) was looking at was on a side street and not even on the main street. We had all wasted time just staring at usually heavy traffic on a side street next to a private school! Ohhh why did everyone (and me) have to be so nosy and slow traffic so much? I guess we all saw something unusual and really wanted to see what was going on (nosy)...What is that about?

Then I started thinking about it and how it can apply to our Christian lives... Our eye is suppose to be on the goal to win the prize which is essentially Heaven-- Philippians 3:14 and sometimes with all the gossip that surrounds us and the "he said/she said," we lose sight of what we are really suppose to be doing and where we are suppose to be trekking towards (to be with our Eternal Father). We get caught up in "ohhh did you know he is dating your aunt's second cousin's niece's sister?" or "Did you know she is divorcing her 7th husband twice removed?" and we forget about our real purpose in life.  At times we get so caught up in "rubber necking" that we don't even notice we are "slowing" others down. It's interesting if you really think about it. We essentially waste time that we can be witnessing for God by meddling, staring, and "rubber necking."

I challenge all of us to stop "rubber necking" and really focus on the ultimate goal in life-- going to Heaven to live with our Father eternally! :)