Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"Ready," but Not Really READY...

One of my friends, Sylvia, has recently picked up on a healthy (and impressive) hobby of participating in 5k walk/runs around the Washington Area and about a month ago, good 'ol Groupon had a great deal for a Caribbean themed 5k in Rock Creek Park scheduled Sunday, July 10...I bought the tickets and instantly started to get excited, but yet nervous. What was I thinking? Who am I kidding? I've never run/walked a 5k in my life! So after 5 minutes of worrying I started thinking what many women (and men) battle with everyday, "what am I going to wear to this race?" LOL...Sounds shallow, but I had heard about and seen many dri-fit Nike commercials that entice you with two words, "sweat proof." So, immediately, with the 5k in mind, I went out and bought some gear "to be ready": Nike shirt, Nike leggings (is that what they are called?), and even Adidas sweat-proof performance socks (yes, I broke the Nike stride)... My husband had bought me some new Nike training shoes for my birthday so I was all covered (or so I thought).

I was ready until illness struck me the same weekend as the 5k. All I could think is, "Noooo, not now!" But that's not all... Remember the groupon I had bought? Well, it just so happens that I thought just by purchasing the deal I was "all set" in running the race (as in registration-wise). Come to find out as I was printing the coupons on Saturday night (July 9, 2011), a night before the race, I read the fine print and it said: "Must register for 5k before June 30, 2011." Even more of a "Nooooo!" My husband immediately contacted the organizers of the 5k to see if they can make an exception...We were thinking "wow, we got this awesome deal, and we sat around thinking we are ready for the race and the deadline came and went and we were not even registered!!" We failed miserably at reading the fine print...We just thought with just buying our ticket, it was sufficient. Boy, were we wrong. To make a long story, semi-short, the organizers wrote back and said they would accept us even though we missed the deadline. We went to sleep thinking, "Okay, wow thank God for exceptions." Fast forward a little, the race was set to begin at 7:45 am, Sunday (July 10) morning... Guess what? We did not wake up until 8:00 am because the alarm did not go off! "What??!" :-/

Needless to say, my husband or I did not run the race we were so "prepared" for. And all Sunday, I couldn't help thinking about "Wow, I wonder how it was? Would I have felt refreshed and re-energized?"

Then it hit me. The Caribbean themed race (5k) can be like our lives as we are running the race toward Heaven... Sometimes we are too caught up with wanting to have all of the right "garments" to win the race that we forget to read the fine print. Do you get my drift? Hope so.

We still have a little time to change our "garments" and read the "fine print" now before it's too late, but there will come a day where some of us will see the finish line from far and will say to the organizer "What is this? Why did you end the race now? I was almost there!! I have the newest and best garments...I paid my dues! I deserve to be counted as completing the race!" On that very day, there will also be some of us who will pass the finish line...beat up, exhausted, tired, lifeless, and perhaps not with the best garments on, but the organizer of the race will say, "Well done, good and faithful, well done!" Matthew 25:23. Now, which runner do we want to be? Think about it.

God bless you + yours.




  1. Sylvia Urrutia (the 5K buddy)July 14, 2011 at 2:43 PM

    lol... even the shoes match the cute little outfit! ;)

    well, definitely missed you guys at the race! however, you know, i learned so much during that race too! i told fredy to run at his own pace ahead of me and i'd run alone (something i was scared to do for some reason... did i not trust that i'd push myself?). and running alone, i had no one to push me but myself... it was my race. just like our spiritual lives, we cant depend on anyone else to run for us or to push for us... its our race and we have to run it ourselves. and guess what? i did the best time i've done so far... and jogged for the longest time i had so far. its crazy how things work out sometimes so that God can speak to us. :)

    thanks so much for your thoughts, nissy! i loved the analogy... it was right on target! its so true, how we get caught up in other things and lose sight of actually being ready. this reminded me of the virgins that didn't pack enough oil... they got distracted and didnt pay attention to how they needed to be ready. thanks again!

    oh, and, by the way... as a funny thought... you're right... i didn't get caught up in the outfit (just used what i always use...) and i DID see the small print! haha! but, as a fellow runner, i should have warned you to be ready with that registration... and thats a WHOLE other blog ;)

  2. Great post, Nissy!

    It reminds me of the Bible verse in Hebrews 12:1 (New International Version), which says, "Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us."

    Keep writing and giving God the glory! :)