Tuesday, August 2, 2011

You're HOW Old??? Praise God!

There has been something on my heart for some time and while I've expressed it to some of my friends, I have never said anything in public about it. It's not a huge pet peeve or anything, but it kind of bothers me when people are completely ashamed to share their age or when people complain excessively about their age. Yes, I get it...it's not "mannerly" to ask for people's age, but come on, what's the big deal?! And what's with all the complaining about your age?! At least you are alive. Disclaimer:: In this blog I am NOT referring to good-natured age jokes. I like to joke around too, trust...but I'm talking about the serious (and sad)  complaints and silences about age.

The way I see it is that every year you turn another year, it is truly a blessing from God and it is a testimony in itself! Do you know how many people make plans for their next birthday bash and never make it? They probably had the guest list ready, the venue reserved, their outfit complete, and cake ordered, but they never got to enjoy it because of some circumstance (either accident, illness, a violent act, or just never woke up) cut their life off. Life is short (for some), lets enjoy it and embrace our age!

Not too long ago, someone was complaining about turning a certain age and I told them, "What?! You should be thanking God you have lived to be this age...There are some who don't even make it to their mid-twenties, let alone thirties and forties...!!" Which leads to share something about a good friend of mine from Takoma Academy whom before we all left to Winter Break (mid-December to early January), we gave each other a long hug and gave our "seasons greetings"...Little did I know that was the last time I would see or talk to her. She was playing her violin (which she totally rocked at) at home during break and kept complaining of a simple headache to her mother... The headache continued to get progressively worse and to make a long story short, she ended up having an cerebral aneurysm and passed away. Sorry for the morbid story, but I promise I'm going to make a good point...just keep reading. So, every time I hear complaints about age or people who are completely secretive about their age because they are ashamed (really, what else is it if it's not ashamed?), I think about my friends who never made it to even their mid-twenties. I'm sure you also have friends or family who left you too soon that you can relate to.

To be alive is a blessing, my friends, let's thank God for it... To live another day is a HUGE blessing, to live another ENTIRE year is even greater! God is good to have given us life...Have you thanked him for your 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, etc years of life lately? The next time age is brought up in your group of friends (or acquaintances), go ahead give it a try, tell them your real age and tell them about the many blessings God has done to bring you this far!



P.S. Just so you know I'm proud and thankful to God He has given me 28 years of life. Just amazing if you think about all the things that could have stopped me from reaching this age. Thank you Lord!

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