Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hate-watching vs. Love-watching. How are YOU watching?


You aren't familiar with the term? Well, it's just what it sounds like: watching something you hate and then spewing hate.

Technology is a blessing but at the same time a curse [remember, this blog is my opinion ;-)]. I say that because of technology, some of us have reunited with long lost friends and it's a blessing to rekindle old friendships [true story, I found my childhood BFF on Facebook a couple of years ago]! It is also a curse because all of a sudden you are exposed to so much hate because of public forums [and such].

As you have probably noticed, I am very active on social media [I currently have Facebook (FB), Instagram, Twitter and oh yeah...I blog]. I love to read and learn about different things. This year I learned about this new "exciting sport" we have in the USA called "hate-watching." Different people follow different public figures, shows, and organizations that they hate just to "hate" on them.

Do you know how many times during the election I saw Obama supporters going on the official Romney FB page to bash them? The same goes for the Romney supporters who went on the official Obama FB page to bash them. 

Do you know how many times I have seen people go on an FB page of a show they hate just to poke fun at them and to call them degrading names?

Do you know how many times I have seen people actively follow public figures on Instagram and all they do is degrade them in the comment section? 

Do you know how many times I have seen Christians follow other [legit] Christian ministries even though they do not agree with their style, beliefs [etc], but actively follow to just speak negative about them with a non-Christian attitude?

Do you know how many times I have seen people being friends on FB, talking behind each other's backs? They do not even like each other! They have each other on FB so they can just be "in the know" of each other's business?

Sounds crazy, right? A couple of days ago, an article in the Ottawa Citizen newspaper [written by Misty Harris] came out about this hate-watching phenom within television show audiences. Here is an excerpt that jumped out at me:

Though the expression [hate-watching] has quietly existed in social media for years - and the behaviour itself for even longer - it wasn't until recently that it was defined and packaged as a pop phenomenon.

Distinct from a guilty pleasure, the term refers to unapologetically watching a TV show that's such a hot mess that deconstructing it becomes pleasurable.

To read more from this article, click here.

I don't know about you, but the part that says "unapologetically watching...[something] that's such a hot mess that deconstructing it becomes pleasurable" is disturbing to me. But if we stop and analyze our life, we come to realize that we do it more than we think [whether it's people we do not like on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, etc]. That's not healthy.

It's time we start [wait for it...wait for it...]........... love-watching. Yes, I know this sounds super corny, but I had to counter the bad with something good. Come on, you know I couldn't just leave the blogosphere with this hate-watching concept.

The Holy Book [the Bible] commands us to "love-watch" one another. 

"Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God." 1 John 4:7  

So, if we have to pray extra hard to love certain acquaintances/friends or public figures we have on our social media; then so be it. But if we are lead to "unfriend" these people on the social media sites so that we will not be inclined to spew hate; then so be it!

Let us "love-watch" one another. Let's build each other UP instead of tearing each other down.

Be blessed, my friend, be blessed.



  1. So true Nissa! we live in a society that promotes negative, hateful thoughts and actions as normal and even healthy. But like the word says in Matthew 13:24-30 what we sow is what we shall reap. Unfortunately, the weed and wheat have to grow together until the harvest. Hopefully, we have invested in the ONE who is LOVE, Jesus Christ so we may sow the good fruits that shall soon be reaped. This is possible only through HIM. Let us use technology and social media to spread the gospel and let our actions speak louder than our words. Let us not "Call" ourselves Christians, but actually "Be". Let's not just be hearers of the word but doers.
    Thanks for the interesting read, God bless you! Big hug!

  2. Amen, I love it!! :)