Saturday, April 5, 2014

Live Your Legacy: Tribute to Alexa Rose

If you were to pass away right now at this instant [God forbid], what kind of legacy would you be leaving behind? Would you even have one?

I'd like to believe that everyone who passes away leaves pleasant memories, but there is difference between memories and legacies.

Let me introduce you to a tiny fighter who once lived.

Alexa Rose 

Throughout her short lived life [4.5 months], her personality was bigger than her. She was born with an illness, but she fought against it with every fiber in her tiny body. Every time all of us thought she was going to take her last breath, she [and God] surprised everyone [including the medical experts] by being resilient. I strongly believe that before Alexa Rose was conceived and born, God had instilled that warrior spirit within her.

Even though she passed exactly three months ago today, her beautiful legacy will live on forever in many people's hearts. What I learned from the precious baby girl is to keep fighting no matter the circumstance, pain, and discomfort. Life will always throw curve balls, fire balls, and all sorts of things but we must keep pressing forward.

I pray each and everyone of us can leave behind a legacy that will resound in many hearts just like baby Alexa Rose did. What will your legacy be?

Special Request: Please continue to pray for Alexa Rose's parents, family, and friends so God may continue to give them true peace. Thank you, friends. 

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