Monday, April 16, 2018

Trust and Obey.

This post is for all of those who are currently struggling with their career and feel like their hope/faith is running low. I want to testify about what God has done/is doing in my life because I remember a friend testified years ago when I needed it most. Her testimony gave me the Holy motivation that my heart needed (thank you for testifying years ago, Somer Hill).

This is my career testimony, so far. Please bear with me as I tell my story via timeline format. 

May 2007-May 2014: I landed my first job out of college after completing an internship with the same organization. I was blessed to work with a national non-profit organization where I learned a plethora of career and life lessons while developing the next generation of Latino leaders. What I loved most about this 7 year assignment was the students (and many colleague friends) I worked with and the dignitaries I met (had the honor to meet President Barack Obama as a Senator and then as the President of the United States of America several times; Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor; former Vice President Joe Biden; and several others). What many did NOT know was that I actively job searched for approximately 3 of 7 years I was employed at this organization due to various other reasons. There were days I would cry out to God and ask, "why can't I get out? You know how much I want to move on with my career." God answered, "Niss, I still need you there-- just hold on. I've got this all under control." I held on until May 2014. 

May 2014: I had reached my tipping point and quit my job after asking God for clear signs and peace. He provided all of the requested signs and I obeyed and trusted. My last day at this organization was the same day I begin 7 years prior (May 15)-- full circle and one of the wisest decisions of my life. During that time I was in the first year of my MPA program and had planned to take a 6 month Sabbatical. The Sabbatical was everything I had hoped for (thank God). However, by the time the six month deadline arrived, I did not have any solid job prospects. Worry and panic started to set in and several around me knew it. My Arise Church family, parents/fam, and closest friends helped me pray through it. For a time there I was almost certain others had developed exhaustion praying for my situation. It was a despairing time, BUT GOD always made sure Hec and I had food and shelter. We never missed a mortgage payment or any other bill payment. He took care of our every need and even the occasional want. 

July 2015: After all the prayer and fasting for God to provide me employment, He opened the doors of...the federal government contracting world. "Okay, God, I will move forward because this is what you have provided. This is not really my thing, but I trust you." I had no idea what I was getting myself into-- literally. I ended up being placed in the most toxic and politically charged environments. Everyone knew "the 19th floor" and the implications it brought. I was the only Latina and made sure to stand up in faith for myself with God on my side. It resulted in me being "fired" for 2 hours by an adult bully (someone who never had anyone stand up to her) and me being re-hired by the #2 person of the org (of thousands of employees). God ALWAYS comes through. This #2 gentleman that hired me was the one I'd jokingly (but my jokes had truth) refer to as "the devil wears Prada." Literally felt like I was Anne Hathaway from the movie-- if you haven't seen the movie, you need to. He was moody, high maintenance, particular, militant (as a former Marine), extremely analytical (he was a Psychologist), intelligent, freakishly private, quiet, and I could go on and on. I'd ask God, "THIS is what you've brought me to? My Lord..." But God knew what I could handle. He ALWAYS knows best.

October 2016: My "devil wears Prada" boss was a political appointee (President Obama administration) and was at the end of his appointment. God (who is ALWAYS on time) opened the door for me to be a contractor at a different sub-agency with a different contracting company and I obeyed. When I arrived to my new assignment on my first day, the new company had duped me in thinking I had received a promotion. What I had received instead was a demotion. I was livid, confused, upset, and betrayed. I stood up again in faith with God on my side and was "unemployed" for about a day, but KNEW God would deliver. The company then delivered on their promise (no ill feelings) and secured a position they had originally offered me. This new assignment was one that would literally change my life. Refer to my Facebook post for where exactly that is and for the continuation of this blog post. My apologies for those who cannot view my page; just know God has opened doors I never thought would open for me.


Last week my family and I went through an unfortunate emergency and God foresaw that this would occur when my (career) journey was unfolding. He knew that this is where I needed to be and that these individuals would be the best colleague friends for me to lean on. Many do not consider themselves "religious or spiritual," but funny thing is that I see Jesus' love through them-- sometimes more than those who actually do profess to be religious or spiritual. How about that...     

Moral of story: Be ready for a wild ride when you ask God to lead your career and take you to new heights. He will take you to places you have NEVER imagined and for unfathomable reasons. The thing is you have to fully trust and obey-- even when you do not understand and do not fancy the circumstance. Our career is not only for us (as we often times think)-- it is also to bless others through our relationship with God.

God will NEVER forsake you. Keep holding on-- He will come through for you.
Let's TRUST and OBEY.

P.S. Wish I could write a book about my journey because there is so much that I am omitting! Please pray for that it become a reality for me, friend.